This area is for survival oriented people looking for already formed survival groups in their chosen locations. If you wish to form a group place the add in the Groups Seeking Members section.


33 y/o Wm looking for D/SWF 20-37 and groups or individuals to share ideas and information. I have a strong beleif in the Tri-States phlosiphy and if you have the same I'd like to hear from you. I live in East Texas and would like to start a group to make the hard times a little easier on us all. I have training in weapons, feildcraft, and medicine. Anyone interested please contact me at: (shantih du coeur)

I've been a christian 23+ yrs and am definitely being drawn to prepare for world chaos. Have also live/experienced several different type of spiritual communities and would be interested in considering getting something going. Also like info on survival skills training camps, etc.

I live in Ontario, Canada and I am looking for people in this area to talk to regarding preparedness.

They may contact