This area is for survival oriented men looking for a like minded female in hopes of finding a significant other to plan for the future with.


Looking for Christian female survivalist: must be willing and able to roll up her sleeves and work along with me in survival preparations or in a survival situation. must like wilderness camping and naturalist activities. must be open minded. interests in alternative energy and alternate lifestyles a plus.

Physical characteristics (not mandatory): tall (love 6ft.+ ladies), moderate weight (not too skinny, not too heavy), and attractive (not pretty). age 30 to 50

Me: Christian, 6'8" tall, 260lb., 52, brown hair (in pony tail), already rased my kids - not willing to have more kids but will help raisechildren if the right lady comes along with kids, computer nerdish, into alternative energy, alternative lifestyles, and Amateur Radio.

Let's talk. Send email.

Single parent Dad, 41, 6'2", 175 lbs seeks Christian woman for homesteading/survivalist partner. Most of all of the preps are in place, but as always, some additional things are needed.

With all of the potential disasters waiting for us immediately down the road: y2k, stock market meltdown, debt bubble implosion, Middle Eastern War,'s just a matter of time before something really, really bad happens.

I have custody of my kid, a Type I diabetic with a dysfunctional thyroid. I love my kid probably just as much as you love yours, so it is important to me that my future wife, best friend, partner, and soul mate have kids too. After all, I cannot ask you to help me care for mine if I can't help you care for yours, can I?

I have a training regimen in place to help me with my kid. That will take time to pick the brains of the resources available to me, for not only my kid, but to help others during the disaster, after the meltdown, and during the rebuilding of society.

Frankly, I propose a win-win deal that will (hopefully) grow into a marriage like any other marriage, based on love, trust, mutual respect, honesty, romance, etc.... I need help with implementing a dietary regimen for her (I'll give you a turn-key system from my research) as well as helping me get her to adhere to it. But with building a house, building a greenhouse for herbs, growing organic food, chopping firewood, etc..., something needs to give.

It is tough to know whether or not I am a latter day Jack the Ripper or something. To that all I can say right now is that I have custody of my kid as well as finishing up a 20 year career in the military. So if I were some kind of derelict (or worse) I could not be in the position that I'm in.

I am in a small community of like-minded people structured to survive the tough times to come.

Singe white man, 26, Christian, never married, no kids, 6'1", 170 lbs, brown hair/eyes, Romanesque features. I am an electrical engineer working in the aircraft simulation industry. I am new to guns and survivalism, but not to New World Order studies. Bill Cooper ( is the one who woke me up. I am currently paying of my debts from college; I graduated in August 1996. I am also acquiring food, weapons, and survival equipment. When I get out of debt (by the end of July) I plan to get weapons, first aid, and survival training. My long-term plan is to set up a survival compound where I might let trusted friends and family come live when the bad times come. I am from Florida, so I will set up a compound there because I know the land. I currently live in Los Angeles County, California. I will stay here as long as I can, but I will relocate if things get to bad here. If we have to fight to enforce the Constitution, I am prepared to do so. I am seeking a single white or South Asian female 18-34 who is serious about getting ready for the bad times ahead. Previously married OK. You must be willing to relocate or fight if necessary. This is not a game. I can give you the education of a lifetime. If you are serious, send e-mail to

33 y/o Wm looking for D/SWF 20-37 and groups or individuals to share ideas and information. I have a strong beleif in the Tri-States phlosiphy and if you have the same I'd like to hear from you. I live in East Texas and would like to start a group to make the hard times a little easier on us all. I have training in weapons, feildcraft, and medicine. Anyone interested please contact me at:


I'm a 40-something Texas gentleman looking for a lady that would like to be prepared and start a family. I have many skills and am looking to re-locate to a more rural area of Texas. Not a "Born-Again" type or contributor to organized religion. Contact me at: