This area is for survival oriented couples looking for a like minded female in hopes of finding a significant other to plan for the future with.


"I am a married female, 34, 5'3", 118, brown hair and eyes, STRAIGHT, intelligent, successful, sweet natured, sometimes a little goofy, seeking female who shares an interest in back to the land living and "poly" families. Can offer enduring sisterly friendship, a level of security you can never lose, a fun-filled, low-stress lifestyle, and a "husband" who is easily the wisest, most loving and nurturing man you are likely to meet. Medium height, very slim, with long brown hair and green eyes, a certified genius, but very laid back, "blue collar" type of guy. He has a wide variety of blue collar and white collar skills (to survive the urban jungle), wild food foraging, growing and preserving food, building and repair skills. Wholesome, honorable, non-judgmental, sober, the kind of guy who will always be the "wind beneath your wings", in whatever goals you set for yourself. Your distance, education, economic circumstances, are no obstacles, if you share our eagerness to learn and grow. You should be 18-35, short (like me), slender to average. We can provide relocation and full support (at least initially), but strongly believe that future survival for each of us depends on acquiring constructive skills, rather than destructive weapons. If you ever wanted a guy who was just about the most perfect best friend, brother, coach, and lover that you could find, I have nine years of experience to vouch for the fact that this is the one for you."