The Survivalist was originally a local echo here in South Florida that covered topics about Hurricane Preparedness. It was later "ported" to the Survival Oriented echo on the international SURV_NET. Later it was absorbed into one echo which I moderated.

A definition of a Survivalist:
One who provides for possible future events, be they natural disaster or social/political upheaval, so that they may have the food and tools necessary for continued existence.

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In order to be prepared for possible emergency situations (both physically and mentally) a true survivalist has to "practice" the basics of his plan regularly. I do not mean to go out running through the bushes in a uniform with camo smeared all over your face (though it is necessary to practice camouflage and stealth regularly) but instead to have annual vacations spent using your chosen (and alternate) "bug out" routines. This past year my son and I went on a backpacking trip to "shake down" the equipment and determine what was truly necessary and what was "luxury". We completely enjoyed (well, some of those mountains I didn't exactly ENJOY) the Appalachian Trail in West Virginia. You too should take such trips regularly to point out weak points of your plan and to let you know where you need work. Besides,look at the fun you could miss.

David L. Paxton