The Mother Earth News Exchange Page

Many of us were led to our awareness of the need to become more self sufficient by a magazine called The Mother Earth News (TMEN)

This magazine helped us become aware of the havoc man is committing to nature and our resources. It also aided many of us in a search for ways to become less dependent on "the grid" and our society. For many of us it was a springboard to start us on a quest to find the technology we need for our survival retreat.

This area is going to be dedicated to those that are trying to complete their collection of this magazine. If you wish to post a message email me and I will post the message here. If you have duplicate copies or need copies to complete the collection let us know. Also, include your asking price for any offerings.




I did a search of TMEN on the www - yours was one of TWO responses I got!

I am trying to build a library of the first 100 issues of TMEN, but so far, finds are few & far between. Would it be hard/impossible to add a TMEN swap section to your page? That way, searchers could find people to swap duplicates out with to complete their own collections.. Just a thought - or does this sound like junk. I've run into only one other person who is attempting the same thing - and I work with him! I thought that there'd be more out there like me, but maybe not.

Jim Morton III


I've got one issue of TMEN that is a duplicate in my collection - number 102. I would like to swap this out with # 6, #72, #80, #82, or #88. Any takers?

Jim Morton III

Dear Dave,

The following are the spare copies of TMEN I have and their price. This is what I bought them for minus any taxes.

# 39 $5.00 ,# 40 $5.00 ,# 44 $5.00

# 62 $3.00,# 67 $3.00 ,# 70 $3.00,# 71 $3.00 ,# 72 $3.00 ,# 75 $3.00 ,# 76 $3.00 ,# 77 $3.00 ,# 78 $3.00 ,# 79 $3.00, #18 $3.00

I need issues # 81, 151 and 159

If you have all three of the issues I need. I will trade all my extra TMEN for those 3 issues. Otherwise, one for one or at the stated price.

Thanks, Bill

Hi I am looking for issues no 52, 55, and 57. You can email me and tell me what you would need for them in way of $ or trade: I would be happy to just borrow them and zerox an article out of each then return them. I am told these issues have construction plans for parobolic troughs.

Thanks Jeremiah Chace Hartford CT (Polluted City)

Does anyone have a Mother Earth News Index they'd be willing to sell? I know one came out in '80 for the ten year index, but don't know if one came out in '90 for second ten years. I need both! Please email price to :


Jim Morton III