Christian Survivalists? Some think we are talking about people like the Davidians or the Jonestown cults when we use this term. Not all Christian Survivalists are radical cults. Many of us are just what the name implies. We are Christians and we are survivalists, planning for an uncertain future. Many Christians feel that as the U.S. government moves further and further away from their Christian beginnings that God will strike it down. If not completely at least cause havoc until it returns to itís beginning beliefs. As survivalists we are trying to prepare for the chaos that will result from the government being shaken to itís knees.

There are Christians that are preparing for the hard times ahead. Some have contacted me and are interested in the possibility of finding others to form a Christian Survival Camp. We are looking for a small group of NONMILITANT Christians that want to purchase land as a group and design a community. The people of this group will not all be of the same church affiliation but rather tolerant of beliefs other than their own as long as it is a Christian based scripture founded belief.

If you are interested, click on one of the mail links on the survivalist home page and leave mail to Dave.

May God bless this endevor.