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Art Glass, Sculpture, Jewelry
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Nita Mehnert

Nita Mehnert is an artist who works in many media. Especially important to her is the reuse of discarded materials to form beautiful items which are also a statement about the condition of our existence today. In her own words: "As an artist and a woman, I see my work as a statement about the human condition, specifically, what it means to be a woman today. ...I feel it is my responsibility to draw attention to the state of the world we all must live in, a world often drowning in its own refuse, both in terms of human misery and discarded waste."
Some of her works display a sense of humor, pointing out the absurd in our everyday lives, while others delve into a darker side. Fanciful reconstructions from 'refuse' derive from her ability to see everything as grist for the art mill, even mundane objects.
Her work displayed here is for sale through Copperhead Studio. All thumbnails are links either to more items of the type or to larger photos of the object. Call or email for more specific information. Be sure to reference the item of your interest.

Draped Glass Bowls

Clear glass is slumped over
clay molds to form these large bowls.
Color is added in multiple firings.

Click image at right to view the series

glass bowl
bead necklace Glass Bead Jewelry

The beads of these necklaces
are all hand made, many from
100 year old stained glass

Click image at left to view the series

Glass Cover Blank Books
Write your thoughts in a unique journal
with hand made glass cover.

Click image at right to view the series

glass book
animal sculpture Zootensils

Each of these quirky animals has been
created entirely of household utensils

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Special Series
Art Furniture

Not your standard furniture,
these functional art pieces have been
mostly formed of trashpile treasures

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art chair

All items are for sale through Copperhead Studio
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