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We are constantly trying to improve and expand the information presented on our pages. If you see anything you do or don't like, let us know. That's the only way we can improve.
The following links are provided for your viewing pleasure and were obtained from public domain.

The Rail

The Rail - Military Train

Click on either end of the rail to travel to another web page site

Tributes to fallen heros

The Oath - Please check out this site

Various Federal Government Home Pages

The White House Page: Interesting information about the White House, tours etc.

Bureau of Naval Personnel; Defense Finance Center: A good source for military pay matters and much more.

Department of Veterans Affairs

General Services Administration Page

Public Debt On-Line: Use this link for information about the public debt, SAVINGS BONDS issues and much more.(Added 2/12/97)

Federal Bureau of Investigation: Check out this link for information about the FBI.(Added 2/17/97)

Federal Services: Directory from the White House Home Page. Provides many links to services provided by the U.S. Government.(Added 3/21/97)

Department of Transportation(Added 3/21/97)

Social Security Administration Online(Added 3/21/97)

Department of Health and Human Services(Added 3/21/97)

National Personnel Records Center: A national archives site with information on how to obtain military and civilian records.(Added 3/24/97)

U.S. Postal Service Home Page(Added 4/3/97)

Department of Defence Home Pages

The Pentagon's Home Page

U.S. Army Home Page

U.S. Air Force Home Page

U.S. Navy Home Page

U.S. Marine Corps Home Page

U.S. Coast Guard Home Page

U.S. Naval Reservist Home Page

U.S. Army Reserve Home Page(Added 3/21/97)

The National Guard Home Page(Added 3/21/97)

U.S. Air Force Reserve Home Page(Added 3/21/97)

U.S. Naval Observatory Home Page(Added 4/3/97)

Other Military Information Links

King's Bay Naval Submarine Base: Located in South East Georgia.

Naval Historical Center

SUBNET: Here you will find a lot about submarine history and veteran information, as well as the current submarine force.

Various links to Naval web sites.

Current Military Pay Rates(Updated 6/5/00)

WWII U.S. Veteran's Website:A website dedicated to the brave men and women of WWII.(Added 3/24/97)

Veteran's News and Information Site:A website dedicated to bringing military veteran news, support and links to you.(Added 3/24/97)

Military City Online:A great, free website dedicated to providing many federal and military links. This site is a must see.(Added 3/24/97) A site dedicated to doing anything for a veteran. (Added 4/17/97)

NAVetsUSA: The first National Veterans' Organization created on, and for, the World Wide Web. (Added 6/1/97)

Boyd Fallwell's Military Honors Site Visit this site to honor those who have served this country with pride and honor.(Updated 3/11/98)

U.S. Navy Armed Guard WWII Vets Site: A personal web site dedicated to WWII Veterans.(Added 3/11/98)

The Virtual Wall: A site where people can view names and hear personal remembrances of Vietnam veterans.(Added 11/20/98)

MAP MAP is short for Military Assistance Program. It's a new idea that organizes all the information, education and help the military offers, and shapes it for one individual at a time. If MAP suggests a road map to you, you're right. Military life is full of unexpected twists and turns, so it's no surprise that MAP is essential if you want to make the most of your military career. Let's start with the two programs most people need.(Added 4/15/99)

Military Teens on the move: A site designed for teenagers of military families.(Added 4/15/99) A site dedicated to helping submarine sailors and their families stay in touch, and preserve some of our history along the way. Find boats, crew, family and friends, home pages and more. (Added 8/28/2000)

Maritime Links

Sperry Marine Online:Your resource for all things maritime.(Added 3/21/97)

Military Orientated Newspapers

Navy Times; Marine Times; Army Times; Air Force Times

Veteran's Information

A VA Benefits toll free number is 1-800-827-1000. Use this number to find out about your benefits.(Added 2/12/97)

Shopping information.

Navy Exchange: This site contains travel information, vacation sites and Exchange shopping.

Shopping information page:This is a link to one of our pages which give you some online shopping locations from department stores to catalog stores to clothing online.(updated 4/10/97)

Check out this banner link. It is completely free to be a member.


Moving information

Homefair: A service for helping plan your next move.

MoversNet: An online site to help people with their move. Developed by the U.S. Postal Service.(Added 4/3/97)

Travel Information

If you desire travel information such as Florida destinations and where to make travel arrangements (800-numbers), try this page. (Updated 04/28/00)

Army MWR Web site: This site contains travel information including details about the Armed Forces Recreation Centers in FL, HI, over seas etc.

USEFUL LINKS - Some are repeats from above


Department of Defense Links


Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS)

Defense Finance and Accounting Service                       

Department of Defense                                                

Financial Management Regulation                                   

Joint Federal Travel Regulation                                    

Military Pay                                                                   

National Committee for Employer Support Of the Guard & Reserve (ESGR)


Per Diem and Allowances Information              

Per Diem Rates                                                             

TRICARE Dental Program                                            

TRICARE Management Activity                                     

TRICARE Pharmacy                                                    

Military Services Links

Air Force                                                                    


Coast Guard                                                                 

Marine Corps                                                              


Assistance from Service and Other Organizations

Air Force Aid Society                                                   

Army Emergency Relief                                                 

Coast Guard Aid Society                                              

Navy-Marine Corp Relief Society                                 

Red Cross                                                                   


Reserve Component Links

Air Force Reserve                                                       

Air National Guard                                                      

Air Reserve Personnel Center                                       

Army National Guard                                                    

Army Reserve Personnel Center                                    

Army Reserve                                                               

Coast Guard Reserve                                              

Marine Corps Reserve                                                 

Naval Reserve Personnel Center                                  

Naval Reserve                                                                


Other Federal Government Links


Department of Labor (Veterans’ preference)                                                     

Department of Labor (Reemployment problems)

Department of Veterans Affairs (Veteran’s benefits)

Federal Long Term Care                                              

Office of Personnel Management (Veterans information/preference)

Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance

Small Business Administration   

Social Security Administration  

Thrift Savings Plan (TSP)                                             

TSP Account Access                                                    


Reserve Associations


Enlisted Association of the National Guard                   

Fleet Reserve Association                                            

Marine Corps Reserve Association                   

National Guard Association of the U.S.                         

National Military Family Association                            

Naval Reserve Association                                           

Naval Enlisted Reserve Association                              

Reserve Officers Association                                       

The Retired Enlisted Association                                   

The Military Officers Association of America (Formerly TROA)



Navy Specific



Naval Reserve Forces                                                 

Naval Reserve Personnel Center                                 

Shift Colors                                                                 

U.S. Navy                                                                   



Military Living                                                    

U.S. CODE Search                                                       

U.S. House of Representatives                                       

U.S. Senate                                                                 


Medical Information

For those of you with medical questions-including TRICARE internet addresses (Note: The question are of the medical type, not VA benefits.), check out our medical references page for further information.(Updated 7/23/01)

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To return back to Home page press here. Here you will find another selection of a few links for various interests, not military related. (Financial info, NASA, Lighthouses, FL vacation sites, etc) Please check this page out.

Please feel free to e-mail us with any comments or suggestions you may have at:

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