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     Hi. Thanks for coming to this page.

     I grew up in Dillon, SC. My dad, J. Doug Blizzard, Sr., was a newspaper editor of The Dillon Herald for many years. Sometimes, I wrote for the paper. Very early in life, I wanted to be a writer. I finally am one but I've done a lot of other things in the meantime.

     My educational background includes a BA in psychology from Columbia College, Columbia, SC; an MS in guidance counseling from North Carolina State University in Raleigh, NC; and an Ed.S. in school psychology from Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, GA. There have been all sorts of workshops and conferences which I've attended dealing with psychology, etc. as well as with writing.

     I've worked as writer for children, instructor in college writing classes, rehabilitation counselor, elementary school counselor, middle school counselor, school psychologist, and part-time sales person for World Book - Childcraft.

     My mother, Sue Lytton Blizzard, taught in elementary school for many years. She left the school system and achieved a high level management position with World Book - Childcraft. She thoroughly enjoyed helping parents provide their children with quality educational materials in their homes.

     After completing my MS, I married Gerald T. (Jerry) Lee. We have two daughters, Sarah Ann and Linda, who are grown now. Linda illustrated my first book, Little Lemon, and Frances Strong's book, Pat, the Cat. She designed my Learning Abilities Books web site. I'm doing the current site somewhat solo but I yelp for help occasionally. Sarah Ann illustrated my book, The Buggy That Boogied Away. Open my Learning Abilities Books Catalog for excerpts. This opens a new window.

     The writing bug really bit me when I began reading picture books to our children. At the time, we lived in Pittsboro, NC, which is 16 miles from Chapel Hill, NC. Frequently, I went to the library at the University of NC and read numerous books about writing. I joined The Society of Children's Book Writers. Since then, they have changed their title to The Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators.

     For several years, I was a SAHM while I became serious about writing for publication. I made some sales to magazines and to publisher of educational disks. When my youngest daughter was 13, I went back to a "regular" job in the school system. We were living in Brunswick, GA. I completed my degree in school psychology. My writing was largely on "hold."

     At the National Association of School Psychologists' Convention in Atlanta, the writing bug bit again when I met two authors both of whom had booths at NASP where they were selling their books. My first book, Little Lemon, was conceived before I left Atlanta. The theme of the national convention was learning strategies. This became the theme of Little Lemon who is a puppet. He helped a child with a poor memory to "make lemonade" instead of being defeated by her "lemon." As the story developed, I used it in a few classroom activities. The back pages of the book and the lessons on my educational site include memory strategies for all ages.


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