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One of my books is titled, A Basic Guide to Writing, Selling, and Promoting Children's Books: Plus Information about Self-publishing. I wrote this text for my students at Coastal Georgia Community College. This short text presents the basics and resources while allowing time to critique students' manuscripts in class. It was written in 2000. Because my main focus is educational books for children, I have not updated it and I let it go out of print. Some of the information from it is on this page: Writing (Free Info) My bookstore has other books about writing and selling stories for children. click cover to order ebook

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In addition to writing children's books, I've written stories for children's magazines and an educational publisher. A few years ago, I established my own publishing company, Learning Abilities Books. My Learning Abilities Books Catalog carries my books and books by other educators. My bio shares how my interest and experiences in writing developed. Enjoy some free information about writing and selling children's stories.

The page of this site titled, Breezy Bits, is a collection of short bits of humor. The "Breezy Bits by Betsy" are my funny fillers which have been in magazines. The "Breezy Bits by Bliz" were written by my dad for The Dillon Herald in Dillon, South Carolina. You'll find quotations to inspire, inform, or entertain. I hope you enjoy visiting each of my sites.
Betsy B. Lee
Member of the Society of Children's
Book Writers and Illustrators

picture of my dad and me on a horse when I was about 2.

On my educational site, Learning Abilities Books, you can explore lesson plans, books, handy hints, and other resources for children, teachers, parents, and homeschoolers regarding regular and special education plus help with learning English. The focus is mainly K-5 but many of the materials have been used beyond 5th grade. Help children apply techniques which are used by memory experts. Use free lesson plans which go with the children's books which I've written.

My interest in horses blossomed the first time I rode with my dad. My newest site is for kids and the rest of us who love horses. Please visit Bits about Horses.

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