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Breezy Bits by Betsy
Funny Fillers I've sold.

Spring is Springing

Spring is springing.
Birds are singing.
Pollen's flinging!

There it goes
Here and there
In my nose
And everywhere!


Mule Sense

    You can literally run a horse to death.
    On the other hand, a mule will take a rest break
    regardless of your orders. Maybe, we should
    use more mule sense in our own lives.

Decibel Dullness
(This really happened.)

    We stared at the radio in despair!
    Our recorded cantata was on the air.
    We'd hoped our fortissimos would sound bright,
    Our gentle pianissimos, soft and light.

    The radio tech who was new to his trade
    Decided adjustments had to be made.
    He made loud parts softer, and soft parts louder.
    That's about as appealing as cold, clam chowder!

    A level volume was his desire
    Which made for a very disgruntled choir.

Wake The Baby?

    You've heard of letting sleeping dogs lie.
    When I became a parent, I discovered that the same thing
    can apply to sleeping babies and for pretty much
    the same reasons.

College Exam

    Two of us were left trying to squeeze a decent grade
    out of a two hour college essay exam. The professor
    appeared to be ready to leave. As I handed in my paper,
    I reminded him, "You know, we always save the best
    for the last!" His response? I'll leave that
    to your imagination.

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