A Home Page from the
FIRST Skydiver at CyberGATE!
...with some help from Eric 'Slip and Slide' Johnson

Bat-Boy Sig Here
To see the ascii .sigs I have used, make your jump from the bat!

And as far as video equipment:
I could have bought more gear about three times over for all the video equipment.  Video jumpinng is WAY expensive, ask any video guy.
But I wouldn't have missed the look on people's faces when the see themselves in freefall for the very first time.

Here's a brief photo-history of my skydiving:

Static Line Picture
LOOK! That's me making my first skydive back in 1980!
(What a geek!)

Another Static Line Picture
And THIS is me making my second skydive a year later!
(STILL a geek!)

A Tandem Shot
A scant decade later, I took this young lady on her first skydive.
She picked out the jumpsuit all on her own.

The graphic links to more video captures of her skydive,
if you really want to see that kind of thing! 

Have a look at the gear for sale page  and see what's available.
You might find that bit of equipment, or an entire rig that you didn't even know you could afford!

Tired of looking at pictures of me?
Well, then, have a look at some of the other Skydivers around the net,
or jump into the Skydive! Archive ...

For more info on Skydiving, contact me at barry@gate.net,
check out the Skydive! Archive,
or join us over in rec.skydiving.

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